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Looking to switch? We’ll help you along the way.

Most people would rather stick with their current bank instead of switching to a new one, despite high fees and inconvenient locations. Believe us, we know—changing banks is an inconvenience. We’ll help you along the way. We’ve boiled the switching process down to three easy steps:

1. Open your new account with us.

Make sure to deposit the minimum amount for the account you choose. (Several of our accounts have a $0 minimum, so no worries there.)

2. Fill out direct deposit and/or automatic payment information.

Fill out your information (PDF) and bring it in.

3. Stop in—or contact us online.

Stop into the location that’s most convenient for you, and we’ll match you up with a personal banker who will help you with the next steps. Next steps could include:

  • Helping you obtain a letter to close out your account(s) at your current bank
  • Switching over your account information with utilities, cable, internet, and waste vendors
  • Getting you signed up for online banking and bill pay
  • Switching over your business accounts

Whatever the next steps may be, you can rely on us to shoulder the hassle for you. It’s what we’re here for, after all.

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